Terms and Conditions - Eli Ball made in Africa (PTY) Ltd

  1. General

    The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed by the client / customer (hereinafter referred to as ”you”) with Eli Ball made in Africa (PTY) Ltd, hereinafter referred to as “EBMIA”, “us” or ”we”. By placing an order, you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions set out herein (the ”Terms”). Please make sure you have read and understood the Terms before placing your order.

  2. Copyright designs

    1. Supplied designs - It is the client’s responsibility to gain authorisation to use any copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise licensed material in their order. We will not be held liable for use of copyrighted, trademarked or otherwise licensed logos, designs or artwork in products supplied to your specifications. We match orders as per supplier availability. In the event that we cannot source a specific item for your order, we will offer alternative options and advise accordingly.

    2. Designs produced by us - Any work designed and manufactured by us for you will remain our intellectual property and may not be used in any other form without our prior written consent.


  3. Consultations

    1. Consultation fees are applicable from 20 October 2017. The consultation covers: Style Analysis, Fabric and Trims Selection, Costings, Appointment schedules and Measurement taking.

    2. Consultation fees range from ZAR350 - ZAR1000, depending on the client’s requirements. Upon mutual agreement, such fee or a part thereof may be wavered or deducted off the client’s order. Should a consultation be booked but not attended, the client will forfeit the fee and a new consultation would have to be set up.

  4. Payments

    1. Consultation Fees - To be settled no later than 3 days of the consult.

    2. Deposits - To be settled on a time agreed upon by both parties. Delayed deposits will result in delivery of the work being unnecessarily delayed.

    3. Balances should reflect 24 hours before collection or an arrangement can be made for cash payments.

  5. Appointments

    1. Please arrive at your appointments at least 15 mins before the agreed upon time. If you are unable to attend, a telephone call, text or an email would be appreciated. Please be aware that this could delay the date previously agreed upon for final delivery of the garment.

    2. Since we have various suppliers, fittings could be delayed on our end at times, as the fabrics or trims may be in transit. We will communicate this to you prior to your appointment should this be the case.

  6. Cancellation Fees

    1. Cancellation fees will be determined at our discretion, depending on the amount of work already carried out.

    2. If at any given time the client is not complying with payments and / or appointments, we reserve the right to cancel an order and claim payment of the calculated work carried out. For example, consultations, patternmaking, fabrics and trims, production, etc.

    3. Upon cancellation, should there be any refunds due to client, it will be facilitated from a period of 7 days on receipt of the client’s banking details, up to a period of 3 months, depending on the amount of work invested into the design.

  7. Online orders

    1. Orders - An order will only be processed once full and final payment has been received. There is a waiting period of up to 4 weeks for delivery as most of the merchandise is exclusive and made to order. Replacing an exchange could take extra time, as the replacement may need to be manufactured.

    2. Sizing - The customer is responsible to check their measurements from our size chart provided and select a size closest to their measurements. We will not be responsible for any change in the customers’ body size and shape between order and delivery. We will not accept liability if the merchandise does not fit and / or the merchandise needs major alterations or otherwise due to weight loss or weight gain. If you are pregnant, please allow ample additional sizing. Alterations may be carried out at a fee, with courier costs to be paid by the client.

    3. Delivery - The courier cost of any exchanges or returns will be carried by the client. The client is fully responsible for all shipping fees out of South Africa.

  8. Exchanges / Returns

    1. Once the merchandise leaves our care, we are not responsible for them, unless the merchandise is being couriered, wherein the goods are insured until you receive them.

    2. Exchanges are accepted as long as the merchandise is in its original state. Should any alterations be required thereafter, we are available to assist you as best we can, at a fee to be decided upon the assessment of the alteration.

    3. Off the hanger merchandise can be returned in its original state within 7 days of purchase and an exchange, refund or credit note will be issued within 7 days thereof.

    4. For online orders, merchandise should be returned within 7 days of delivery in its original condition and packaging. Proof of delivery with a brief reason for the refund request should be sent to info@eliball.co.za and we will gladly exchange or refund your purchase.

    5. No refunds shall be given on any merchandise on promotion. For hygienic reasons underwear, bodysuits and earrings for pierced ears may not be returned or exchanged. Gift cards purchased will not be refunded.

  9. Collection of Orders

    If orders haven’t been collected and / or any balances settled within 90 days, orders will be sold to defray costs.

  10. Merchandise Care

    Always read the care label and washing instructions before washing your clothes. Arrange your laundry into groups with similar wash care instructions and organise into whites, darks and colours. The care label washing temperature is the highest permitted temperature. If you are unsure, always wash at a lower temperature rather than higher. If in doubt, always hand wash in cold water. Turn garment inside out before washing. Dry clean only garments are meant to be DRY CLEANED ONLY AND NOT WASHED. Avoid using too much detergent and fabric detergents which contain bleach. Do not tumble dry garment unless indicated on the care label. Do not iron prints, trims or embellishments. Do not leave garments with white and contrast colored panels soaking for prolonged periods. Garments with metal trims should not be left to soak.

  11. Raw Materials, Fabrics and Trims

    We have established excellent trade relationships with our suppliers; get the best possible rates on our raw materials and have experience in what will work best to achieve optimal results. We supply all raw materials, fabrics and trims, however if you have your own or want to obtain your own, we will inform you if your choice is suitable for us to execute the best possible craftsmanship of your order.

  12. Manufacturing

    All manufacturing is done within Africa and is based on a fair trade principle. We believe in helping the people closest to us, as charity begins at home. The manufacturing conditions in which our garments are produced are favourable, so we try our best to create good chi (energy) within the process of the merchandise. This enables our passion to be passed down to the end user. Good vibes.

  13. Loaning of Merchandise in Lieu of Exposure

    1. We only loan merchandise in lieu of exposure when it is cohesive with the brand. A laundry fee will be charged, which would need to be paid before the merchandise is collected. If any damages, theft or loss occurs, the person responsible for the loan or merchandise will be responsible for all costs.

    2. If you feel our brand will be of great benefit to an event, please email info@eliball.co.za with all the necessary information and supporting documents of the event / function at least 21 days in advance and we will review the proposal and revert to you.

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